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New on the Menu: Buttermilk fried quail and rabbit Alfredo

Plus swordfish with local vegetables, Venezuelan cheese sticks, and a purple gin drink

Social media loves a pretty cocktail, and so do people drinking it, and that’s certainly part of the inspiration of LaLa Land, made with a deep purple gin and oat milk that floats to the top. It’s garnished with a paper butterfly.

Diners love extremely delicious vegetables, which is how Mirra Sims, chef de cuisine of Lafolia in New York City, describes the habanada peppers and banana squash that accompanies her local swordfish.

Fried foods are also extremely popular, of course, and who doesn’t enjoy cheese sticks? Add a bit of culture by offering a Venezuelan version and you have a winning appetizer at the Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.

At Pompette in Chicago, a hot chicken recipe gets classed up a bit by using quail instead (and great-sounding hot sauce), and at three-unit Carson Kitchen, fettuccine Alfredo is given a different treatment by adding a protein that’s rare in the United States, but definitely, and perhaps surprisingly, trending: Rabbit.

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