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Chew on this: The cost of health care

Chew on this: The cost of health care

Some restaurants say implementing new health care policies may not be as expensive as previously thought. Catering could provide some operators with a steady alternative revenue stream. Many kids’ meals at restaurant chains remain unhealthful. In Phoenix, small restaurants are taking big financial risks to open at the city’s airport. And Red Medicine in Los Angeles publicly shames no-shows on Twitter.

The cost of health care. Some operators say the law may not be that costly after all. (The Wall Street Journal/Yahoo)

Finding new revenue streams. Catering special events offers a stable, more-profitable alternative revenue source. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Kids' meals still unhealthful. Ninety-one percent of restaurant chains do not meet National Restaurant Association Kids LiveWell standards, a study finds. (The New York Times)

Small restaurants take big risks at Phoenix airport. The airport has courted small restaurants, but they are accumulating debt to get their foot in the door. (NPR)

Restaurant tweets names of no-shows. Red Medicine in Los Angeles publicizes the names of guests who skip out on reservations. (ABC News)

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