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Five new machines that brew a better coffee experience, from nitro cold brew to infusions

These tools will improve your coffee service

Trending this month and every month: Coffee and the many drinks that can be made with it.

Now, as the industry approaches a fourth-wave— focusing on the whole coffee experience, from farming operations and harvesting to roasting and brewing — machines are the center of innovation.

Coffee is one of the world’s most-consumed beverages and the java space does not appear to be slowing down.  Market research firm Mintel estimates that cold brew sales alone grew 137% in 2017.

Today’s coffee-culture consumers place the utmost importance on both the ingredients and the experience of drinking their favorite caffeinated beverages. Equipment emerging in the space is designed to enhance the cup of joe with steamers, grinders, the addition of flavor and adaptogens, nitrogenation to make it creamy and machines designed to speed the cold-brew process.

Here are five brewing tools for restaurants, bars and coffeehouses to up their game with coffee drinks.

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