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Stir: Dinner service by zipline

Treepod dining takes travelers to new heights at a Thailand resort

The treehouse of your childhood gets a fine-dining makeover at Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood, Thailand.

The luxury resort offers two, three or four-person meals atop a “treepod” platform that is hoisted 16 feet in the air to tree-top level. Diners feel like they’re eating dinner or high tea in a jungle canopy while getting a private, bird’s-eye view of the native massang trees and the adjacent beach off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand.


“Guests board the rattan bird’s nest at ground level and are then leveraged to new heights,” a representative from Soneva resorts said. “As the pod slowly climbs into the trees, and the rocky shores slowly descend, their waiter expertly flies through the air on a zipline from a small platform perched halfway down the hill.”

Of course, navigating a treetop restaurant is not easy. Servers train for six weeks learning how to serve food via zipline without spilling a drop of wine or toppling any course’s carefully plated Thai food feast. In between courses, servers wait discreetly on a platform a few feet away in case guests want to order more food.


Treepod dining is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and high tea and can only accommodate one party of two or four people at a time. The menu features Thai/continental offerings like pepper chicken with cucumbers, tomatoes, and pesto, and roasted spiced lamb chop for 5,000 in Thai baht, or THB, per person ($157.59) for dinner or high tea, $5,666 THB per person ($178.60 per person) for lunch, or 7,000 THB per person ($220) for breakfast.

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