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Mr. French provides a burlesque show, magicians with dinner and drinks

Which bears the asking, do you want fries with that shake?

Ever wanted to be part of the show? At the recently opened Mister French in New York City, guests can be. Several nights a week, performers from burlesque dancers to magicians entertain the guests while they eat.

Unlike a dinner theater, these shows happen on the dining room floor, weaving between plates of octopus, three-tiered platters of pommes frites with an assortment of sauces and toppings, crispy fish and fluffy French desserts.

Burlesque dancers, led by Velvetina Taylor, perform six times a week, dancing and stripping (to a point) to evoke the 1950s cabarets of Paris. During happy hour on alternate nights, magicians appear in the restaurant to entertain guests at their individual seats with slights of hand and card tricks.

burlesque-dancer-mister-french.jpgPart of David Burke’s restaurant group and employing him as Directeur Culinaire, the restaurant has three spaces, including the bar, main dining room and a more-intimate Solarium, with 150 seats total and a chef’s kitchen that seats eight.

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