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The most festive restaurants to get you in the Christmas spirit in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Georgia

Bars and restaurants across the country deck for the holidays — and for Instagram

From pop-ups to year-round bars changing themselves over for the holidays, restaurants and bars are preparing for the holidays in spectacular fashion. Experiential dining is on the rise and restaurants made for Instagram are particularly popular. After all, if you didn’t take a picture, were you even there?

Rolf’s in New York City is an Instagram-famous restaurant sure to pop up on feeds during the holiday season with its long waits and over-the-top decorations. The German restaurant keeps its spectacular decorations up through May and has become the premier Christmas restaurant in New York City.

Christmas bars in warmer climates really deck themselves out as well.

San Francisco is home to the Deck the Halls bar, a holiday pop-up that closes before New Year’s, but relishes the season. It offers a long list of holiday-themed drinks, some of which take presentation to a whole new level (think a drink inside a snow globe).

And Georgia is home to the S.O.S. Tiki Bar that brings those warm weather items into the holiday spirit. While there may not be snow on the ground, this bar packs plenty of snow-themed decorations from snowmen to candy canes. The bar transforms for every holiday — its draped in come Halloween — but Christmas is the most lavishly celebrated.

See some of the most festive restaurants.

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