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It’s ice bar season: 5 drinking spots that put guests on ice

Icebar expands in Las Vegas and other venues that ask guests to put on their coat (and hat) and stay a while

Chilled to below freezing temperatures, ice bars are an increasingly popular seasonal venue in winter climates, offering an interactive experience that can’t be delivered. These bars also serve up plenty of Instagrammable beverages to draw in the crowds.

Some are temporary, typically launching in January or February, when the weather dips into temperatures to support the elaborate ice carved features. But a few offer a year-round experience, like the new Icebar Minus 5 Ice Experience at the LINQ Promenade on the Las Vegas strip, including 1,200-square-feet of ice kept at 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s one of three locations in Las Vegas, and the new location includes more than 100 tons of ice shipped from Canada and Minnesota to the bar in preparation for the opening where 12 ice carvers worked to construct the bar and the custom sculptures.

Guests are provided a faux fur parka, gloves and a hat upon entering to stay toasty warm in spite of the indoor temperatures so there’s no need to worry about frostbite.

Other ice bars include an ice cellar specifically for drinking vodka. Some are outdoors, to showcase the intricate details of the ice carvings.

Click through to see some of the coolest bars out there … literally.

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