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Serra Fiorita will serve as an Italian rooftop getaway for New Yorkers this summer at Eataly in Flatiron.

Eataly New York City’s summer rooftop restaurant, Serra Fiorita by Birreria, opens as a bright escape from coronavirus

The restaurant focuses on local produce with an Italian flavor profile and edible flower meals

Summer may be halfway done, but, with the way the heat is hitting New York City and the immediate future of dining rooms looking grim, restaurants are leaning into their outdoor spaces more than ever. That includes Eataly.

The Flatiron flagship location of the specialty food store and restaurant announced the opening of its summer rooftop restaurant, Serra Fiorita by Birreria, the summer seasonal version of the year-round Serra restaurant.

The rooftop is covered in bright and vibrant flowers inspired by a 3-D pop-up book. Fitting, since “serra fiorita” means “greenhouse” in Italian. And if we’ve seen any rooftop dining trends, it’s been the introduction of the greenhouse.

Rather than encasing diners in greenhouses as some other restaurant have done, this rooftop attempts to evoke an Italian countryside overrun by colorful orange and pink flowers amidst a part of Manhattan where skyscrapers are few and far between.

The menu allows diners to experience a trip they’ve been so longing to go on, to Italy.

Inspired by Italian summers, the menu is filled with seasonal vegetables, fresh-caught trout and fava bean puree. Some menu items include Trota Crudo made with Chalkstream Trout and Fennel Pollen with Heirloom Tomato, Lani’s Farm Mixed Cucumbers and Market Radish.

Additionally, the restaurant will be offering a biweekly Cene Fiorite (flower dinner) special menu on Thursdays that will be “dedicated to the life cycle of a flower and all of its elements – from the whole flower, to the seeds and pollen,” according to a company release.

Flowers will be cooked and served in a variety of ways on this menu for the whole table.


The beverage menu highlights Malfy Gin, an Italian gin from Piedmont where gin has been produced since 1906. It includes juniper, coriander and five other botanicals. Guests can design their own Gin and Tonics centered around the Malfy Gin.

Wines at Serra Fiorita focus on Moscatos and Vino Liberos, which are produced sustainably in Italy with minimal sulfites.

In line with Eataly’s traditions, Serra sources from local farmers, including the local Greenmarket in Manhattan, Norwich Meadow Farm and Migliorelli Farm upstate and Lani’s Farm and Blue Moon Acres in New Jersey, as well as “artisan Italian producers.”

In line with the still-strict social distancing guidelines in New York City, tables are six feet apart and separated by brightly colored dividers in high-traffic areas. Eataly released a Restaurant Safety Manifesto that the restaurant will follow and asks customers to follow as well.

Serra Fiorita will only be open when the weather is clear. Though it has the option for a temporary roof, it cannot employ that due to dine-in restrictions.

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