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Debunking 7 myths about Gen Z’s food habits

Think you’ve got marketing to Gen Z all figured out? There’s a new report that might surprise you.

Experts at leading student affinity network and marketing firm UNiDAYS say Gen Z—those born after 1995—are already more influential in the marketplace than the much-studied millennials.

With spending power of $828 billion in the U.S., and 78 percent spending most of their money (after tuition and bills) on food, Gen Z is a population segment the food industry is watching closely as they wind their way through college dining hall lines, order by app at fast-casual spots and blithely spend $20 and up on meals regularly. What do you know about Gen Z’s true attitudes toward food? Have you been thinking about them all wrong? Check out some surprising facts reported by UNiDAYS’ quantitative online survey of 1,873 U.S. Gen Z students.

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