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Data: Consumers crave kiosks

A study shows this self-service technology is sought after across the board

Kiosks are becoming more important to consumers, especially at quick-service and fast-casual restaurants that experience long lines, according to a study by Tillster, an ordering, marketing and technology provider, and SSI, a research firm.

According to a survey of 2,000 consumers, 18 percent used a self-service kiosk in the past three months. But 60 percent said they would visit a limited-service restaurant more often if it had kiosks. One motivation is long lines in restaurants, which can quickly force a customer out the door.

If a restaurant has a line of five people, 57 percent of surveyed consumers said they would leave the establishment before ordering. But if the line had five people or more, and the restaurant had a self-service kiosk, 75 percent of consumers said they would stay and use it.

And it’s not just younger generations that are eager to try kiosks: Consumers across the board said they would visit a restaurant more often if kiosks were available.

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