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Audrey Saunders

“I have to have a martini. Two at the very most. After three I'm under the table, after four I'm under the host.”
— Dorothy Parker

This saucy quote was often called upon during the mid 1990s when the martini was making a comeback from its heyday in the early 1920s. Now, more than a decade after the martini's resurgence, we are truly experiencing a renewed cocktail renaissance. Among those leading the way is Audrey Saunders, the guiding force behind New York City' Pegu Club. Originally a British offers club in Rangoon, Pegu is the inspiration for Saunders' commitment to preserving the glamour and sophistication of old-world cocktail culture. She is a perfectionist who believes that beautifully hand-made cocktails require perfect components and precise measurements. She is a protege of America's preeminent mixologist, Dale DeGroff, and she's guided the beverage programs of several prominent New York City establishments, including the Carlyle, which Forbes named one of the top 20 places to drink in the world. For her work at Pegu, Bon Appetit named her Wine & Spirits professional of the year in 2007 and Playboy named her a Top 10 Bartender that same year.

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