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sandwich Publican Anker

Best Sandwiches in America 2018: Seafood

This year's Best Sandwich winners reflect broader consumer trends as chefs find a new twist on traditional menu favorites. See all the winners >>

Winner: Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich

Restaurant: Publican Anker, Chicago

Units: 1

Price: $18

Food cost: $3.17

Ingredients: Parmesan tempura-battered soft-shell crab, pickled green tomatoes, remoulade and chive cream cheese on a brioche bun. 

What makes it special: Drawing inspiration from the soft-shell crab sandwiches seen on the menus of traditional diners up and down the East Coast, chef A.J. Walker has created an elevated version of the seasonal sandwich. It’s an upscale twist to a summertime classic.

What others are saying: One Facebook user writes: “If you’re looking for incredible food and aren’t in the mood to deal with the heartbreak of an empty bank account, Anker is definitely for you! I’ve probably had 20 different dishes there, easily, and have had not a single complaint about any of them. Each one uses fresh ingredients in a way where they bring alive the true potential of every flavor. The staff is incredibly friendly and warm, without coming across as nosey or intrusive. I recommend it almost reflexively when anyone I know asks to grab a meal!”

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