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sandwich Steingold's of Chicago

Best Sandwiches in America 2018: Deli

This year's Best Sandwich winners reflect broader consumer trends as chefs find a new twist on traditional menu favorites. See all the winners >>

Winner: Sister-in-Law

Restaurant: Steingold’s of Chicago, Chicago

Units: 1

Price: $13.75

Food cost: $5

Ingredients: Wagyu pastrami, dill kimchi and anchovy mustard on naturally fermented baguette.

What makes it special: Co-owner Aaron Steingold boldly makes the pastrami Reuben sandwich, a Jewish deli staple, his own way, or, to be exact, his Korean sister-in-law’s own way, which means the pastrami is Wagyu beef that’s been smoked for six hours and paired with house-made dill kimchi and topped with Chinese mustard with an anchovy bite. A crusty, fermented baguette holds it all together.

What others are saying: The Sister-in-Law was a standout at Steingold’s, which Michael Nagrant of the Chicago Tribune called the “lip-smacking Jewish deli of the future” and a “destination-sandwich heaven.” This sandwich “will raise the Jewish deli purist hackles.” But “while purists demand atonement, I will be nominating Steingold for the highest order of Hasidism or saintliness.”

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