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Video of the week: Back-of-house exchange program aims to inspire with a free meal

Cooks at any level are welcome to a complimentary dining experience at Scratch Bar & Kitchen in Los Angeles

Philip Frankland Lee, chef and owner of Scratch Bar & Kitchen in Los Angeles, is inviting cooks at any experience level from any restaurant — local or worldwide — to enjoy a free meal through his back-of-house exchange program.

The program began as a one-month-only appreciation initiative three years ago, and after hosting it yearly since then, Lee is now extending the offer all-year-long.

The purpose behind the opportunity is to inspire the "next generation to continue to push the limits of what is possible, and create the great restaurants of the future," according to the restaurant's website.

All that is required for cooks to participate is a letter of recommendation from their chef that indicates their potential and passion.

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