Food Trends 2012: Expect More Global Tastes

Food Trends 2012: Expect More Global Tastes

Edgier global fusion cooking, beer gardens and more creative comfort foods are among the trends New York City-based consultants Baum+Whiteman International expect to take off in 2012. Here the firm, which creates high-profile restaurants for clients around the world, looks at where the action will be in the coming year.

1. Whole World on a Plate

Look for excitement at the lower end of the market where devil-may-care entrepreneurs are piling flavors from all over the globe onto a single dish. Gastronomically, everything goes. Bite into a sandwich of chipotle pork chop with burnt sugar glaze, carrot kimchee and tarragon mayonnaise and your taste buds will announce that these flavors came from a global Mixmaster. This is what’s emerging: A multiethnic, multisensory dining experience whe

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