10 Thoughts from Mauro Pando

10 Thoughts from Mauro Pando

  1. One thing you don't know about me is that I live in the country with my wife, five kids, two horses, two dogs and two cats.

  2. I'm most proud of my dad, who knows how to make the best of even the hardest situations. He was an incredible partner to his wife and very supportive of his family.

  3. One of my most memorable meals was at Eleven Madison Park in New York City. It was so in step just weeks after it opened for business.

  4. If there were no olives and wild mushrooms I'd have no reason to live.

  5. My advice to a kid getting into this business is to do something else. Only those who are completely driven and passionate will survive.

  6. My go-to drink is Belgium beer.

  7. When I splurge I must have Champagne, caviar, foie and Perigord truffles.

  8. The thing I hate most about this business is that dinner turns into a life or death situation.

  9. The biggest misconception customers have about the restaurant business is that a reservation is an absolutely commitment to the minute.

  10. If I could do it all over again I'd clone myself.

Mauro Pando is executive chef of Grand Cafe in San Francisco. He's cooked at some of the country's best restaurants, including Lark Creek Inn, S.F., and Red Star Tavern and Roast House in Portland, OR.