Timeless Tea

Tea has a way of reinventing itself. It's not only a traditional beverage with all the tabletop and service style elements. It's also a cocktail ingredient, a flavoring in everything from ice cream to muffins, and the inspiration for many contemporary drinks such as smoothies and juice-and-tea combinations. At Pix Pâtisserie's two locations in Portland, OR, the Sunday Tea menu offerings include 35 sparkling wines, a pot of tea from a local tea shop in North Portland, and 16 tea-compatible bite-sized menu items. The food menu is divided into “Hint of Salt” and “Hint of Sugar” but also offers treats that fall “Somewhere in Between.” Customers can choose from items such as soft-boiled sesame quail eggs in prosciutto, cucumber sandwiches, Madeleines, and fleur de sel chocolate.

The tea recipes below illustrate just a few of the ways tea is being menued today.