Chicago Beef Sandwich

Chicago Beef Sandwich

Yield: 24 servings.

12 lb. beef rump roast

as needed, salt and black pepper

as needed, 100% U.S. garlic powder

5 quarts beef stock

1¼ cups Worcestershire sauce

½ cup crushed garlic cloves

¼ cup dried marjoram

¼ cup dried oregano

¼ cup dried thyme

¼ cup hot pepper sauce

12 cups CM Kitchen Cuts

Fire-Roasted Peppers & Onions

¼ cup 100% U.S. minced garlic

¼ cup olive oil

1 Tbsp. dried Italian herbs

as needed, chile flakes

24 Italian rolls

Season beef with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Place on rack in roasting pan; roast in 300°F oven about 2 hours or until internal temperature is 130°F. Remove beef from pan; cover with foil and let rest. Add stock, Worcestershire sauce, crushed garlic cloves, marjoram, oregano, thyme and hot pepper sauce to roasting pan. Simmer on top of stove about 20 minutes, adding any juices that run from beef. Strain, season with salt and pepper. Keep warm or heat to order. Carve beef into thin slices. Yield: 9 pounds beef and 18 cups broth

Sauté CM Kitchen Cuts Peppers & Onions and minced garlic in olive oil; add Italian herbs and season with chile flakes. Keep warm or heat to order. Yield: 12 cups

For each serving, to order, split 1 Italian roll. Layer with 6 oz. beef and ½ cup sautéed CM Kitchen Cuts Peppers & Onions. Ladle ¼ cup broth over meat; serve ½ cup broth on the side for dipping.