Sweet, Salty Szechwan Vinaigrette Salad

Sweet, Salty Szechwan Vinaigrette Salad

Yield: 9 1/2 cups.

3/4 cup sherry
1 1
/2 cups raisins
3/4 cup sherry vinegar
Tbsp. honey
large cloves garlic, minced
cups olive oil
2/3 cup parsley, fresh, minced
stalks green onions, chopped
Tbsp. jalapeños, minced
1 1
/2 tsp. salt
tsp. pepper
2 1/2 cups Almond Toppers™Szechwan Slivers
as needed, mixed greens

Heat sherry until hot, not boiling, then add raisins. Stir and reserve. Combine vinegar, honey and garlic. Whisk in oil slowly, until emulsified. Whisk in raisin sherry mixture, then add parsley, onion, jalapeños, raisins, salt and pepper, and Almond Toppers™ Szechwan Slivers. Refrigerate 1-2 hours.

Remove from cooler, adjust seasonings and toss as needed with mixed greens. Top individual salads with additional Almond Toppers™ Szechwan Slivers and raisins.

Photo Credit: Sugar Foods