Peppermelon Cocktail

Peppermelon Cocktail

Yield: 1 serving.

1 ½ oz. Bluecoat Gin
¾ oz. black peppery honey syrup (recipe follows)
1 oz. watermelon juice
½ oz. lemon juice

Combine all ingredients in a Boston shaker full of ice and shake well for 10 seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish on he rim with a small watermelon cube that has a coating of black pepper on one side.

For black pepper honey syrup: Heat 1 cup water to boiling and add 2 Tbsp. black peppercorns. Simmer for 5 minutes, and add 1 cup honey. Strain out peppercorns and cool syrup before using.

Mixologist’s notes: Use organic ingredients whenever possible. The balance of sweet and hot makes this cocktail uniquely refreshing with each sip demanding another. Be sure to balance the amount of pepper to customer palates by cutting back a bit or increasing the syrup, as pepper can be a very divisive ingredient for many palates. The garnish looks like a piece of pepper-crusted ahi tuna and pairs well with sushi, salads and grilled meats.