Salad Bundles with Eggs Panne

INGREDIENTS:12 radicchio, large outer leaves
12 cups spring salad mix or baby greens mix
12 leek strips, 8 inch long by ½-inch wide
10 cups Parmesan cheese, coarsely grated
1 ½ cups ground hazelnuts
2 cups mayonnaise
½ cup sherry vinegar
1 Tbsp. minced garlic
3 Tbsp. fresh chopped herbs
to taste, salt and pepper
12 large eggs, cooked over-easy or poached and kept warm
36 teardrop cherry tomatoesDIRECTIONS:Fill each radicchio leaf with one cup of salad mix. Tightly roll and tie the bundle with a leek strip toward the bottom half.

Cover and refrigerate until serving.

Heat convection oven to 350°F or conventional oven to 375°F. Mix Parmesan and hazelnuts. Place 1 ½ oz. spoonfuls on pans lined with sheets of baker’s paper and spread into 4-inch diameter. Bake until edges are lightly brown, about 4-5 minutes (convection), or 7-8 minutes (conventional). Cool 5 minutes. Turn over onto greased bottom of an 8 oz. soup can. Cool completely.

Prepare dressing by blending mayonnaise, sherry vinegar, garlic, chopped herbs, salt and pepper. Refrigerate until serving.