Menu News

The Layered Look

Velvet Cake from Sweet Street Desserts creates eye-catching drama with its four layers of brilliant red cake. Each layer is spread with chocolate truffle filling, and the cake is frosted with cream cheese icing, then topped with mini chocolate chips, chocolate ganache drizzle and nonpareil dots. For more product information, visit [2].

Wrap Artistry

Cash in on the wholesome halo of wraps, bundled with quality side dishes. Basic American Foods offers ideas for delicious combinations such as Hawkeye Black Bean & Corn Salad with Chipotle Steak and Potato Wraps. The combo features Santiago® Seasoned Black Beans and fresh corn spiked with cider vinegar, lime juice and chipotle hot sauce. To learn more about profitable wraps and wrap combos, visit [3].

For Cinco de Mayo

Simplify your Cinco de Mayo menu with Simplot Culinary Fresh Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) Pure Pulp Chunky Style, an all-natural, never-been-frozen avocado pulp. The line includes UHP Supreme Pulp, UHP Pure Pulp Chunky Style, UHP Western Guacamole and UHP Extreme Supreme® Guacamole. All feature 100 percent Hass Avocados. For product information and recipes from Simplot, visit [4].

Breakfast Boost

If your customers are embracing the antioxidant and acai berry trend, you can satisfy their cravings with the new Superfruit — Acai Berry and Raspberry Topping from J. Hungerford Smith. This ready-to-use product is a natural for topping breakfast items, shakes, parfaits and smoothies. To learn more from ConAgra Foodservice, visit [5].

Go With the Grains

For your 2010 wall calendar featuring menu ideas (free upon request while supplies last) from Indian Harvest, e-mail [email protected] [6]. Recipes and photos on the calendar feature heirloom exotic grains, beans and legumes from Indian Harvest, including Black Quinoa, Tinawon Fancy Rice, Black Barley and more. Visit [7] for product information.

Wing It!

Ideal for appetizers or side dishes served with pizza, Bonici® Boneless Wings from Tyson Food Service are a convenient way to menu a customer favorite. These fully cooked wings have been developed specifically to withstand the heat of pizza ovens. They stay moist and tender, too. For more information, visit [8] or call Tyson Food Service at 800-248-9766.

Dessert Delights

Create dramatic dessert presentations with minimal effort using Smucker's® PlateScapers®. Whether it's Raspberry Cream Lemonade or Chocolate and Banana Caramel Turtle Dessert Pizza, you'll be able to add luxury and excitement to your menu for pennies a serving. For menuing ideas, visit [9].

Avocados Go Global

The California Avocado Commission recipe database provides variations on ceviche and other global street foods. You can also order any of the free California Avocado Commission recipe collections online. Visit [10], or call 800-370-3782.

Egg Reference Guide

Enhance your knowledge of proper handling and safety for eggs: The American Egg Board offers a complimentary copy of the Egg Handling & Care Guide. To receive a copy of this 22-page guide, call the American Egg Board at 847-296-7043 or visit the website: [11].

Savor Fruit Year-Round

With Dole® Fresh Frozen Fruits, you can offer tempting fruit dishes such as peach and berry pies, and mango-pineapple salsa year-round. With Dole's unmatched fruit taste, quality, and consistency, you can choose from 16 varieties of 100 percent real fruit with all the fresh fruit benefits. For more information, visit [12] or call 800-723-9868.

Seasonal Coffee

A variety of seasonal coffee recipes are available from Monin Gourmet Flavorings. These on-trend recipes from the Fall/Winter Merchandising Kit make it simple to provide innovative specialty drinks. For details, from Monin, visit [13].

Sustainable Seafood

New point-of-sale materials from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute help operators promote serving wild and sustainable Alaska seafood. Included are table tents, menu sheet, posters and more, and they're free to industry professionals. Order online: [14].

Perks for Operators

Foodservice operators can earn valuable rebates on case purchases with the new Par-Way Tryson Perks Rewards Program. Rebates are available on products in the Par-Way Tryson line-up, including Vegalene® Pan Sprays, MallowCreme® Marshmallow Cream, and more. Enroll in the program online at [15] and receive a free bonus pack of PuriCit® cleaning products.

Skillet Meals

Award Cuisine offers four new Skillet Meals for foodservice, including Cheese Tortellini Alfredo. These convenient meals feature classic comfort foods made with high-quality ingredients. For product information from ConAgra Foodservice, visit [5].

Large-Feed Juicer

Process whole fruits and vegetables with the large-feed J80 Ultra Centrifugal Juicer from Robot Coupe. Make fresh juice quickly, quietly and easily by simpling dropping the fruit or vegetable into the feed lead and turning on the juicer. For product details, visit the website at [16].

Disposable Masks

The Flavorseal® line of safety supplies from CMS includes disposable face masks designed to be worn by workers who have been exposed to cold or flu viruses. The CMS face masks, composed of three layers with a middle layer that offers a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.9 percent, help prevent spreading the virus to coworkers or customers. For details , visit [17].

Green Lighting

Go green without sacrificing ambiance in your restaurant with dimmable Micro-Brite cold cathode light bulbs from Litetronics International. This energy efficient lighting alternative offers affordable lightblubs that dim as well as incandescent bulbs. For more information, call 800-860-3392.