Equipment News

Cleaner Cutlery

With hygienic white handles, the Fibrox® line of professional cutlery from R.H. Forschner by Victorinox is designed for foodservice kitchens. For more than 100 years, the brand has been dedicated to creating professional-grade cutlery for foodservice. Visit [2] or call 800-243-4045, ext. 3325.

Hot & Cold Whip

An innovative whipper with thermal capabilities, the iSi Thermo Whip is truly a professional kitchen tool. The Thermo Whip can keep cold items cold for up to eight hours; warm ingredients up to three hours. Call 800-447-2426 or visit [3].

Cooking School

Rational USA offers TeamCooking Live® seminars to demonstrate how operators can optimize their businesses through the advanced technology of the SelfCooking Center. Find a seminar at [4].

Stain-Free Stone

Because granite stains easily, Innovative Stone offers PermaShield® on its Everlife stone countertops. PermaShield® works beneath tiny crevices where stains develop. Call 631-273-4445 or visit [5].

Products for Kids

Win over moms, dads and kids with products from Classy Kid Inc. Best-sellers include CrayAngle® triangular crayons and earth-friendly, adhesive-backed Keep Me Coloring placemats. New items include a kiddie cup lid that works as both a sippy cup (finally!) with a straw and a color-revealing placemat that needs no crayons. Log on to [6] or call (702) 822-4422.

Loads of Ice

The GEM1865A Pearl ice maker from Ice-O-Matic® delivers a high volume of soft, chewable ice in just 42 inches of space. Visit [7] or call 866-PURE-ICE.

Mixing Power

Robot Coupe's new MP800 Turbo Power Mixer features a new electronic booster system, which improves the performance of the motor, making it more efficient. The MP800 Turbo with its 29-inch removable stainless steel shaft assembly makes processing very large quantities easy. Contact 800-824-1646, or visit [8].

Greener Dishwashers

As part of Electrolux's global Green Spirit initiative, Electrolux Professional offers Energy Star® qualified professional dishwashing equipment, including Undercounter, Hood-type and Conveyor Dishwashers. Energy Star dishwashers are, on average, 25 percent more energy-efficient and water-efficient than standard models. Learn more at [9].

Crescent Cubes

Hoshizaki America Inc. introduces the KM-1601MRH(3) Modular Crescent Cube Ice Machine, which produces up to 1,508 pounds of ice per 24 hours. The unit is protected by HoshiGuard antimicrobial agent. Its design uses the purest water and creates crystal clear cubes. Visit [10].

Decorative Lighting

Meyda Lighting offers thousands of in-stock stained glass lighting designs and more than 50,000 customizable lighting options. The company is also the builder of the world's largest free-hanging chandelier, 35' in diameter and weighing 7,000 pounds. For information, call 800-222-4009.