Equipment News

Equipment News

New Shoe Style

The foot-pampering dainty Princess shoe for women self-massages insoles and offers featherlight antibacerial EVA constuction. It's just one of 60 styles of slip-resistant footwear available from Shoes for Crews®, all backed by the $5,000 Slip and Fall Warranty. Visit [2] for details.

Food Processor

Prepare liquidized food, chop, grind, puree and emulsify all in one machine with the Robot Coupe® Blixer 3 and Blixer 4. The modified hub shape and height of the brushed stainless bowl allow you to process nearly 25 percent more product in each batch. To learn more about how you can save time and labor in the kitchen, call 800-824-1646 or visit [3].

Crescent Cuber

The air-cooled KM-600MAH Energy Star Certified Modular Crescent Cuber Ice Machine produces up to 592 lb. of ice in 24 hours. For more information from Hoshizaki America, visit [4].

Cups and Lids

Showcase desserts and more with Darnel Venetian Cups and Lids. The functional lid keeps contents from spilling, and also serves as a base for the presentation of contents. Cups are available with custom printing. For details, visit [5].

Nonstick Accessories

Accessories for the SelfCooking Center from Rational are now coated with TriLax®, the company's hard-wearing nonstick coating. The upgraded accessories include Perforated Baking Tays, the CombiGrill Grid and the Grill and Pizza Tray. for more information visit [6].