Market Place

Nonfat Greek Yogurt

With its thick, creamy texture, Nonfat Greek Yogurt from Kronos Foods is a versatile and healthful menu option. It's a perfect substitute for mayo or sour cream in recipes, and lends itself to dressings, sandwich spreads and more. Feature it in fruit and yogurt breakfast parfaits, or for snacks. Visit the website at [3] to learn about the product possibilities.

Soup Kettles

Tomlinson Industries offers a variety of kettles for front-of-the-house or back-of-the-house applications during soup season. These soup kettles suit the needs of large or small operations, as well as salad bars and self-serve areas. To learn more about the kettles and sizes available, visit the website at [4].

Whole Grains for Kids

Uncle Ben's® Whole Grain products can help you offer more healthful and fun menu offerings with kid appeal. Products such as Uncle Ben's Roasted Chicken and Asian Style Brown Rice offer a stealthy way to provide young patrons with whole grains and nutrients. For information and menu ideas such as Crispy Baja Shrimp and Rice featuring Uncle Ben's® Chicken Flavored Brown Rice, visit [5].

Holiday Beverages

Seattle's Best Coffee® holiday flavors are back, offering you a chance to boost holiday beverage sales. For recipes, marketing materials and product ordering information, visit the website at [6].

Seasonal Dessert Ideas

Hershey'®s eight new Fall/Winter Recipe Cards can help you leverage trends, encourage dessert purchases and drive repeat business. Dessert ideas — featuring Hershey's branded sweet ingredients such as Cinnamon Chips, Hershey's Classic Caramel Topping, Heath® Toffee Bits and Hershey's Cocoa — include Cinnamon Swirl Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Caramel Crème Brulee and bite-sized Whoopie Pies. For recipes from Hershey'®s Food Service, visit [7].

Create Sweet Endings

Transform dessert and beverage menus with Smucker's PlateScapers dessert toppings. For pennies per serving, the toppings are available in seven flavors. To learn more about product information and menu ideas from Smucker Foodservice, visit [8].

French Fry Cutter

Keep up with the demand for fresh fries with the FFC-50 French Fry Cutter from Edlund. This high volume French Fry Cutter allows you to prepare a variety of fries, with ¼", ⅜", ½" and ⅝" cut sizes with a hopper load of 26 lb. and a capacity of 56 lb. of potatoes per minute. For more information about the FFC-50 French Fry Cutter, visit [9].

Year-Round Fruit

Offer your patrons more fruit-filled dishes on the menu with the line of fresh-tasting fruit solutions from Dole Foodservice. Dole also helps operators meet today's business challenges with its website that has product information, recipes, video tutorials, a fruit cost savings calculator and more. Visit [10] to learn more.