Cleveland restaurateur Zack Bruell believes diners can limit overindulgencemdashsplurge in moderation as in once a weekmdashand combine a diet with proper exercise

Cleveland restaurateur Zack Bruell believes diners can limit overindulgence—splurge in moderation, as in once a week—and combine a diet with proper exercise.

Cleveland chef dishes on healthy dining trends

Partnering with a world-renowned hospital is working for Zack Bruell. Find more examples of promotions, advertising, direct mail and other restaurant marketing essentials here.

There’s no better time to be a Cleveland restaurateur than right now. The city is in the midst of a complete overhaul—downtown residential occupancy is at record levels, the city was recently chosen to host the 2016 Republican National Convention and sports fans are welcoming back LeBron James, hoping he can bring the city its long-awaited championship parade.

The resurgence cannot come soon enough for Zack Bruell, who planted his roots as a chef and restaurant owner in his hometo

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