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Tender Greens unveils new brand identity

Fast-casual brand revamps with national expansion in mind

Two years after an investment by famed New York restaurateur Danny Meyer, the Los Angeles-based Tender Greens chain is getting a bold overhaul.

The 24-unit Tender Greens on Wednesday unveiled a comprehensive new brand identity, with a new logo, a mobile app to roll out in September, a reworked website, uniforms and packaging, as well as a restaurant redesign.

Stan Lee

Fried chicken sandwich

In addition, operational changes aim to speed service with online and mobile ordering and payment, an in-app loyalty program, and enhanced in-store pick up.

New dishes were added to the core menu, including a fried chicken sandwich with spicy maple glaze, sustainably farmed grilled salmon, a serrano grilled shrimp bowl with California sprouted rice and an Italian chopped salad with P. Balistreri Salumi.

Stan Lee

Serrano grilled shrimp bowl

The redesign was led by Paula Scher of Pentagram, known for her work with Shack Shack, another fast-casual chain, which was created by Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group in New York but is now an independent publicly traded company. 

Erik Oberholtzer, Tender Green’s co-founder and CEO, said the new look comes as the chain begins its next phase of national growth, including the first unit in New York scheduled to come this winter. 

Tender Greens

The mobile app

“This new branding captures the original vision for our restaurants and offers a window to our future,” said Oberholtzer in a statement. “Paula designed an identity and mark that captures what makes Tender Greens so special — a team of chefs who create dishes daily, and the energy and passion that happens in their kitchens.” 

Central to the design is the tomato-red letter G in the logo, which evokes the silhouette of a pan and a plate. 

Scher said the symbol is meant to convey a “modern, upbeat fine-casual experience” and to “make it a real tribute to the chef’s cooking.”

Tender Greens

The new website

Though Tender Greens offers a common core of menu items, each restaurant offers seasonal specials created by individual store chefs, which change twice daily. 

Stan Lee

Chef Vidal Martinez at Tender Greens in Marina Del Rey

The prototype for the redesign is in Santa Monica, Calif., but company officials said the remaining units will be renovated through the end of 2017. 

The redesign includes the use of light-colored woods, an open kitchen, black and white tile and pendant lighting. Local artwork reflects each neighborhood. 

Tender Greens

The exterior of Tender Greens in Santa Monica

To-go packaging, made from 20-percent recycled plastic, mirrors the G-mark in the logo with side containers to better hold mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. The restaurants are also switching to recyclable paper bags.

Uniforms include black-and-grey tee shirts with custom Manduka headbands. The executive chefs at each location will wear custom-designed and monogrammed Hedley & Bennett denim aprons. 

Tender Greens

To-go packaging and bag

Tender Greens was founded in 2006 by Oberholtzer with David Dressler and Matt Lyman. 

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